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Syrie : le Patriarche Cyrille écrit au Président Obama

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  1. Joseph dit :

    et voici une lettre que je viens d’envoyer au nouvel ambassadeur des USA au Liban:

    Welcome to Lebanon your Excellency Mr. Hale,

    Lebanon since its Independence has always shared the same values of the USA as far as Democracy, Human rights & Freedom of speech are concerned. I’d like to use once again those rights that you so promote in order to once again pass the message I believe The Lord Jesus is pushing me to transmit…Back in 1997, I wrote my Testimony & confessions in the form of a book that I wrote in French and sent it to President Clinton via the US Embassy in Awkar-Lebanon. And a couple of years ago I sent a text that I imprinted on a wooden plaque size A4 to the actual President Mr. Obama. Let me once again use my right in Freedom of speech while being Frank, Honest, Bold & straight to the point with you (even when I’m fully aware that this might not return to me any good…on the contrary…): This is, Mr. Ambassador, the Worst administration your Great country has ever had!!! They are doing exactly the opposite of what The Almighty-God requires them to. They are just denying their Christian roots that gave America the necessary sap to attain that much Advancement & Glory in all areas of life while now defending, backing up & supporting those fundamentalists extremists who are slaughtering the Christians, driving them out of what has always been their homeland, kidnapping & killing their priests & bishops, etc., etc., and all that in the name of Allah; just so that they can keep the control on the wealth of the Arabs & protect Israel. They are sacrificing a whole population in here that never stopped witnessing about the Truth of the Gospel in order to secure their so ephemeral interests…and they will deeply regret it because neither History nor the Creator will spare those who hurt the children of God for such base motives!!!

    The following is the above mentioned text that I lately sent to Mr. President Barack Obama. You’ll also find hereby attached the above mentioned Testimony in its latest form and a clip that I just saw on the net showing a courageous Christian Syrian American woman confronting senator Mc. Cain on the much dreaded strike attack by the USA on Syria.
    When will it stop?

    When will all this madness stop? This story started almost 2000 years ago and it doesn’t seem to be drawing to an END!!! We are stuck here in this Holy Land between the sons of Isaac and the sons of Ishmael and no one seems to care. We, the sons and daughters of The Almighty-God, who believe and adore His only begotten Son Jesus-Christ, and thus became His brothers and sisters by adoption. We are still holding the flame of Faith in Him in this troubled region who was the first to witness and acclaim The Lord & Saviour Jesus only to suffer afterwards from all the iniquities of mankind. But, as the Lord said: “No servant is greater than his Master” and thus we are willing to be His witnesses and followers in here till The END!!!
    The civilized world has to always remember the following:

    The Great Christian Civilization

    Civilization originated around 6000 years ago from this Holy region of the Middle-East. The Great Patriarch Abraham was born in Iraq before God-Almighty summoned Him to leave his hometown and go to the Promised Land. All the patriarchs and prophets thereafter were born there, in The Holy Land of Palestine. Then came the forced emigration to Egypt where The Great Moses was born; before God, once again, ordered Him to leave for the recovery of The Promised Land. Then, finally, after all the prophecies made by the great prophets such as Isaiah, The long-awaited for, The Messiah, Jesus-Christ The Son of The Living God was born here in The Promised Holy Land of Palestine before He visited southern Lebanon where He made the famous miracle with the Canaanite woman. After Him many of His Apostles visited Lebanon for their mission…Then, after some 600 years came the other one who managed to stifle this Great Christian Civilization in this Holy region. It had to be exported to Europe where this Great Christian Civilization made Europe to be the most advanced of all…The nefarious division between Christians led to many horrible wars and persecution that made a lot of those persecuted leave Europe for another chance in the new world: America. This led The Great Christian Civilization to reach America and made The Great USA to be at the top of the world and the most advanced civilized nation ever in the tormented History of mankind.

    America has now the duty to preserve and develop this Great Christian Civilization that God allowed it to reach. It has the duty and the obligation, for its own sake and for the sake of all Humankind, to spread it to the whole world; especially to where it originated from: This Holy Land. And by the way, while God Almighty, The Creator of The Universe, allowed The USA to reach the moon and all those remote planets, why not plant crosses on each and every one of them… It won’t cost a thing but it might do wonders by making this Great Christian Civilization spread not only to all Humankind that we know but to the Universe that God finally allowed us to discover.
    “The Mad about Christ”,
    I pray…Therefore I live…
    On This Holy Land of Eternal Lebanon,
    With the Help & Grace of The Almighty-God!!!

    1. @Joseph

      C’est très bien mais… c’eût été mieux en français pour les lecteurs de L’Obs !

  2. Loco dit :

    L’appel du Patriarche de Moscou semble bien avoir été entendu par Obama.
    Si de temps en temps le Christianisme peut faire entendre sa voix , une voix de paix , voix du Christ qui en sa chair et sur la croix a détruit la haine, cela mérite d’être salué.
    On se prend à espérer :
    Et si demain, en lieu et place du ringard ” Prolétaires de tous les pays , unissez-vous ! “,
    on chantait : ” Chrétiens de toutes les traditions , unissons-nous ” …..

  3. Luc dit :

    Le titre est “patriarche de Moscou et de touteS LES Russies”, pas “de toute la Russie”. Merci de bien vouloir apporter un peu de soin a vos articles.

    1. @Luc
      C’est ainsi qu’est présenté et signé ce texte sur le document officiel du patriarcat de Moscou. Vous l’auriez constaté si vous aviez eu la curiosité de cliquer sur le lien figurant en bas du post, mais vous préférez, et la chose n’est pas nouvelle chez vous, me faire la leçon. Je vous offre donc un joli carton jaune pour cette fois…


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